Sunday, October 25, 2009


Electronic music has become an essential popular genre in the last 40 years. However, it's history goes way back to the 19th century when the first electromagnetic intruments were made. It's nowadays that this music has burst and lead to a new path of creativity and carries music, painting, architecture, film, etc. fussing to become a worthy beautiful piece of art of the 21 century.

I've heard many musicians say that anyone can make electronic music; they believe it is about copying, pasting and mixing samples and tracks to create a new song. But it isn't about just doing those few things, there must be knowledege and talent, and it takes a good ear to create a song that will generate some kind of feeling within the listener... It's like saying anyone can be lawyer or a doctor - it takes skills, time and dedication to become a good one.

I'm constantly trying to discover new artists and musicians. A couple of days ago in my pursuit of finding a good artist, a friend showed me a video that caught my attention. It was an electronic piece of art manifested in music, from an animation titled Alice in Wonderland, a Disney classic. Pogo, the mind behind the music "Alice", samples specific sounds from scenes in the film and then arranges them to form a new song which plays along with clips of the movie.

Pogo is a 19-year-old film major at the University of SAE in Perth, Western Australia, where he was born. He is currently studying 3D animation and visual effects, while working as a electronic music producer and a DJ of his own creations. He has used the same idea from "Alice" with other movies like Harry Potter and Mary Poppins. Pogo is a true example of how creativity is still expanding; taking us to new horizons, bringing along the genius minds from the past that have left a legacy that continues to grow.

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