Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Diego Chávez

I recently met with a new giant of the music industry.
His name is Diego Chavez, and he is a graphic designer and music producer whose work
is an exquisite sustenance for the senses . He is also known as Aether, Otic Angst and A.M Architect, expressing his genius through his own music. He however also produces tracks for other bands such as The Panic Division (rock) and Lotus Tribe (hip- hop).

Diego Chavez was born and is currently based in San Antonio Texas, he began to produce music when he was in school for his friends rockers, rappers it didn't matter what genre. This path has lead him to explore different styles in music, making him very diverse in his creations - he is capable of producing electronica, hip hop, experimental music, brithop, ambient lounge etc.

A lot of these mixtures of styles are reflected in
his new solo album called "Artifacts", whose expression is a majestic
euphony of music writing, it is a beyond any sensorial experience that
makes each listener imagine, explore and discover a mix of unrelated feelings
that inexplicably make you feel soulful.

Diego Chavez is so immensely rich in his creations that it is hard to
place him in a limited group to describe his style in music and art, his label Exponential best describes it in his new album single as "a lovingly sculpted expression of beauty, love, tragedy, hope, and everything that makes us human".

Chavez is quickly gaining fame and respect in the music industry. His ability to make music and art in parallel by reflecting them as one, is teaching us and opening our eyes to a new era of creativity.

Listen to:

Aether, Makeshift Sanctuary

Lykke Li's, Little Bit (Diego Chavez remix)

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